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Color consultations are one of our most requested services. We make selecting colors an enjoyable process. Whether you have a difficult time choosing colors or have already chosen your colors but feel that you need another opinion, a color consultation is perfect for you.


If you are selling your home, staging is the most cost effective way to make it stand out from the competition. We provide several options ranging from written suggestions for each room to implementation. Our clients include both realtors and owners selling their homes on their own.


Faux Home loves to decorate! We are skilled at furniture placement and accessorizing. One of the benefits of using Faux Home for your redesigning needs is that we often use our faux finishing skills to repaint picture frames and furniture, rather than replacing these items.


Faux finishing is the art of using paint to create the illusion of texture or depth on otherwise flat surfaces, such as walls, furniture, and floors. Faux Home is an experienced provider of both simple and elaborate faux finishes.