Color is THE most inexpensive way to add impact to your home or office. We believe that the process of picking the right colors for your space should be enjoyable. If it feels overwhelming, consider hiring a professional who has a trained and objective eye.

Why Faux Home?

– We bring larger paint swatches of colors, which makes it easier to tell if a color will work in your space.

– We make choosing colors FUN and informative! The way the light changes the color and the hue of each color is assessed to provide the best information on why certain colors work better in your space than others.

– Our goal is to assist you in choosing colors that feel right to you, and that you will want to live with for years to come.

– We help you choose colors that complement your furnishings, as well as ensuring that the colors will flow well throughout the entire space.

– We have been providing color assistance to satisfied clients for over 25 years. Our testimonials include: “Kathleen is my consultant on every color-related decision I make for our home!”, “Her color choices were spot-on”, “She met with our staff and guided us to a color palette that we could all agree on”, “I wouldn’t buy a can of paint without consulting Kathy!”

Kathy provides in-home color consultations by appointment. Many clients call after they have bought and painted several color samples and are still unable to find the right color. In the long run, you may be spending more on paint than you would on a color consultation.

If you have already chosen your colors, but feel that you need another opinion, a color consultation is the perfect solution!

Color and Design Consultation Prices:

1 and one half hour $ 120
2 hours $ 150

Additional hours are charged at $85/hour. Traveling further to customer locations may increase these amounts.

See sample works here.