“Kathy – the house is GORGEOUS! Thank you so much for your help – you work magic!”


“We bought an older home in Chapel Hill and all the walls were a depressing gray-white. I put several samples of yellow on the kitchen wall but I knew it was not complementing the countertop and floor. Kathy tweaked the color and the result is perfect. In subsequent visits we chose colors for other rooms, bringing in warmth and sophistication. The right color on the walls makes a huge difference in how you feel about your home and how you feel within yourself. I wouldn’t buy a can of paint without consulting Kathy!”

Mary Catharine

“Kathleen is my consultant on every color-related decision I make for our home! She is extraordinary in helping me choose colors for our walls and rugs that flow together beautifully but still express my husband’s and my personal tastes. Kathleen created a beautiful faux finish in our bedroom as well as a playfully elegant mural in my walk- in closet, and did so with professionalism, efficiency, and warmth. Kathleen is a gem.”


“Prior to putting our Chapel Hill home on the market, our realtor provided a staging consultation with Faux Home. We did everything Kathy and Mary suggested and then they came in and made sure everything was ‘picture perfect’ before the real estate photos were taken. We have a book of those photos and our house looked gorgeous. They had some easy suggestions to make even my son’s dark bedroom look bright, airy and huge. There were some things that we hadn’t even thought about that they tweaked a little to make our house look so much better. Our home sold in ten days and we were thrilled with the way it all worked out! We would definitely recommend Faux Home to anyone who is getting ready to sell their home.”

Alyson and John

“I contacted Kathy to help me with paint colors on a 3rd floor renovation project in my home. I also needed help in picking new wall colors in a number of different areas in my house. Her color choices were spot-on. Everything looks just beautiful and has a natural flow progression from room to room. I highly recommend Kathy for any interior decorating needs and plan to use her in the future. She is also a delight to work with.”


“I first contacted Kathy Yusiewicz through her internet website. I had just moved to Chapel Hill and needed some help with paint colors. She came by and helped me with the paint color for two rooms. After speaking with her, I realize that I had been about to make a major mistake! Kathy has a wonderful sense of color and is very easy to work with. While she was at my house, I mentioned to her that I needed a large coffee table, and didn’t know where to find one that large. She mentioned that she works with a designer who had recently moved here from California. I called Sylvia Ellingwood who helped me design a beautiful unique coffee table. She found a local furniture maker who was very reasonable. The table makes a statement upon entering my home. They both collaborated with me in painting my dining room. I wanted something a little different there. Kathy made several sample panels of different faux paint designs. I was not satisfied with the first set, but Kathy persevered. She and Sylvia listened to me and came up with another set of samples. They had exactly what I wanted!

Kathy and Sylvia are both very easy and comfortable to work with. They are friendly and hard working. They complement each other very well. They will become your friends. I highly recommend and trust them to do an excellent job for whatever you need.”


“When it was time to re-paint our office, finding colors that looked good and appealed to all involved proved to be quite challenging. After purchasing and trying out some samples that did not work , I searched for a color consultant to help us out. Fortunately we found Kathy’s webpage. She came to our office, met with the staff, and guided us to a color palette that we could all agree on and that turned out to look great. After the painting was completed and we were ready to re-hang our art work we didn’t hesitate to call Kathy. In short order she was able to rearrange our existing art work into a more attractive display further improving the look of our office and saving us a lot of staff time! We really enjoyed working with her.”


“Moving into a new house and pulling everything together is an impossible task for most people. Thankfully, I had the expertise help from long time decorators, Sylvia and Kathy. After choosing a rich dark color for our hardwood floors, they were able to pull together everything from the wall color to furniture selections. The finishing touches included decorative pillows, area rugs and window treatments that worked well with the attached kitchen and eating area. I couldn’t be happier with the results! It’s a great feeling to have company over and hear them explain that, “the house looks like a spread from House Beautiful!” A look that only professionals can help you achieve. Thank you, Sylvia and Kathy!”


“Kathy did faux work for us first in our living room and dining room. We were so pleased with the results that we’ve had her back for 4 other projects and look forward to more. She is very knowledgeable about color and its effects which helped us make decisions. The samples she did for us helped us visualize the results. Last but not least, she was a joy to have in our home.”

Glynis and Jim

“Kathy faux painted our kitchen island in a finish that contrasted with the cabinets. It looks fabulous and really calls attention to the architectural elements that were added to the island. It was a pleasure to work with the professionals from Faux Home and we would recommend them highly!”

Debbie and Eric

“After 8 years, it was time to upgrade my daughter’s room to reflect her age and fledgling personal style. I gave her the gift of a “new room” and a paint manufacturer’s color book for her to choose the color. Kathy and Mary painted the room and to add personal style and interest, chose flowers, dots and hanging paper lanterns, which I presented as a second part of the gift. Kathy and Mary did most of that work during a school day, so that when my daughter came home she was both surprised by the additions and thrilled to apply a few of the finishing touches herself. The room is fabulous and Kathy and Mary were so much fun to work with; the gift was both the experience and the result!”


“Kathy faux finished the kitchen cabinetry of our new home to match the finish of our breakfast table and chairs. Though the original cabinets were beautiful, they neither complimented the granite counters or the wood floors. She turned a ho-hum kitchen into a spectacular kitchen. Everyone comments about the beauty of the color scheme. We absolutely love the result and enjoyed every moment that Kathy was in our home.”

Karen and Herb

“A few years ago Kathy did faux painting for me on my bedroom walls, and I loved it so much I’m asking her to re-create the very same look in my new house. She has also done decorative painting on both modern and older pieces of furniture, and she helped me with color consultations as I picked out paint colors for my new home. Her work is absolutely wonderful and her taste is impeccable. She is a joy to work with. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”


“We used Faux Home’s services for our new home in southwest Florida. Kathy faux finished and stenciled the walls in our guest bath and kitchen. The colors are fabulous and complement our furniture and decor. Our kitchen counter was without a backsplash and we could not decide what we wanted to do. We asked Kathy back to give us some ideas, and she created a slate tile backsplash using Venetian plaster…it feels and looks like the real thing…amazing!


“We moved into our new home several years ago and the walls were all white. Kathy faux painted our dining room first in shades of yellow, then our family room a terra cotta finish, and we asked her back to do a sage green textured finish in our guest bathroom. We receive many complements on her work and the results are absolutely brilliant. We love the colors and it now feels like home.”

Kim and Phil

“I was looking for ideas for my son’s room and Kathy painted large sweeping brush strokes in light blue over a darker blue base color. It looks artsy and fun and my son who loves to draw fell in love with it as soon as he saw it. Kathy also gave me ideas for colors in the rest of my home. She has a way with color and seeing the possibilities.”